Owning a Motor Yacht

We can come and give your Motor Yacht a spring clean all year round!

From stain removal to teak brightening we know which products work and how is best to clean the delicate surfaces and fabrics that adorn the interiors and exteriors of your boat.  So why not let us do all the hard work, you won’t be disappointed.  Below are some of the cleaning services we offer:

Specialist Areas

Steam Cleaning – A steam cleaner is an industrial way of sanitising surfaces and leaving them cleaner without the use of products.

Carpets, Upholstery and Mattresses – We can carefully remove stains to achieve a revitalised look.

Teak Cleaning and Brightening – Let us restore your teak back to its hey-day colour and condition, the noticeable difference always puts a smile on our client’s faces and really lifts the exterior of your Motor Yacht.

Tender Cleaning – Don’t forget the little fella, after all these small RIBs need to be looked after too.  We provide a deep clean service making sure the tender looks just as good as the rest of the boat.

Canvas and Vinyl – If you fancy a small facelift then this is a good place to start.  The canvas and vinyl onboard your Motor Yacht can look tired.  As a one off cleaning service alone or as part of the ‘Spring Clean’, a canvas and vinyl clean will really perk your Motor Yachts image up.

General Services

Interior Valet – We can pop in every couple of weeks to dust, vacuum and maintain the interior of your yacht or we can come in at the start and end of every season for a clean that really digs deep and makes the interior sparkle.  We also have a separate service for ovens, sinks and fridge freezers.

Engine Bay Cleaning – The engine bay is bound to get greasy and mucky as time goes on?  Right?  Well, not exactly…  Black Label Group can ensure that your engine bay stays clean and tidy.

Polishing – We can cut back, polish and re-seal, a time consuming job that has outstanding results.