Owning a Motor Yacht

From full management services to unique and flexible programs, Black Label Group ensures you always enjoy your Motor Yacht.


Our full management program offers a ‘turn-key’ boating experience for the owner. Your job is to arrive onboard, enjoy your time and head home knowing that upon your next visit your boat will be cleaned, re-fuelled and ready to go again – just the way you like it! This full program includes us taking care of the bits and bobs that you can’t always see including defects, warranty, maintenance schedules and repair organisation, which can sometimes act as an unnecessary headache.

We can also create a unique program for you and your boat, only covering certain areas of the full management program. With a set fee per month or a pay per visit arrangement we are sure that Black Label Group can be easily incorporated into your Motor Yachts diary – you focus on the ‘enjoyment’, leaving the rest to us.