Buying a Motor Yacht

Black Label Group ensures that your berth is not stuck in the corner whilst your berthing fee insinuates that you had hammerhead views!

Home Berthing

It can occasionally be a challenge finding a berth for your Motor Yacht to call ‘Home’. Black Label Group understands that marina security, facilities and helpfulness are just the start of an extensive list of requirements for a home berth. We are able to assist in the location, negotiation and sourcing of the perfect berth for you and your boat.

Away Berthing

All the ports that you are frequently visiting probably recognise your boat and always make time and room for you. This is great! But… How about when you go further afield? All those questions that you would like answered, such as will your boat fit nicely? Is that the best place to stop along the Belgium coast? How much should I be paying in France? Our berthing service is here to answer all those questions. Black Label Group is more than happy to negotiate prices for you when travelling to foreign countries.  We can also help to ensure that you have necessary paperwork and courtesy flags before you depart, along with a berth waiting for you when you arrive. We can help you decide which marinas offer the facilities that a Motor Yacht just like yours will need.